The 2020 County Convention takes place on March 14th at the Talent Factory in Nevada, beginning at 9am with registration starting at 8am. The purpose of the county convention is to elect state/district delegates, compose a platform, and elect district convention committee members.

Delegates can only be elected at caucus. If you were nominated as a delegate but have not been sent an email from the Story County GOP, please contact us to correct or add your email to our database.



Call to Convention
Proposed Agenda
Proposed Rules
Platform Draft


Convention will still take place this Saturday as instructed by the Republican Party of Iowa. However, we would like to remind attendees of a few points. 

    • Coronavirus is spread mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. (CDC source)
    • Coronavirus is dangerous to older adults and those with chronic medical conditions, especially heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease. (CDC source) Smoking or vaping compromises the lungs, which in turn can compromise the body's ability to reduce coronavirus infection.
    • We can help lower hospital overload and prevent illness in high risk individuals by preventing rapid spread of any virus. Sick individuals should stay at home. Everyone should frequently wash hands to prevent self-infection, if your hands happen to come across a viral contagion. (CDC source)

To further prevent illness from spreading at county convention, we've also implemented a few additional rules. Please do not shake hands with other delegates. Waving, man nods, the Vulcan salute, or a slight bow are all respectful, non-contact greetings which you can use.